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Hi! I’m Kate

A first time mum suffering with my mental health

I'm currently going through post natal depression and I know how lonely and frightening it is. 

Talking about it really helps me and finding other people that are struggling makes me feel less alone - I'm always free to chat if I can be of help to anyone. 

I am no expert on mental health or perinatal depression and anxiety but am happy to share my experiences and what helps me. 

I have been told so many times it will get better so I am holding on to that silver lining as every day right now is a struggle. 

I am a first time mum and live in Dublin, currently on maternity leave.

My son George was born over 7 weeks premature so arrived a lot earlier than expected - he was in an awful hurry! He is almost 4 months old now.  I am finding it very lonely as there seems to be very few groups on having just come out of a pandemic!

I am filling my days keeping my mind busy with art, college work and walking my dog Sam who has been a huge help to me throughout the pregnancy and afterwards. 

Kate x

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