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A dog is a man’s best friend

If your not a dog person stop reading now! If you are a dog person please continue reading…

All my life I have wanted a dog so badly, my friend up the road from me in Limerick had the most beautiful dog called Angel and this I think is where it started - she was the sweetest dog and loved a rub so much so that she would paw you to keep rubbing her…

Last December (2021) we moved into our new house in Stoneybatter and got engaged the same month, and we almost got a dog at the same time (which I think would of sent my partner running for the hills!). So I gave him a few more months to get his head around the idea and we got Sam in June. He was born in April so is almost 11 months old now. I have mentioned Sam in previous posts but I cannot describe how grateful I am for him and how much he has helped me over the last 8 months we have had him. As I have mentioned I suffered with antenatal anxiety and depression during the pregnancy but Sam gave me a reason to get up every morning - he needed to be walked (numerous times a day he never gets tired) and he was always happy to see me no matter how miserable I was. It’s like he knew I needed him. Just this morning when we woke up my partner went downstairs to feed the baby but Sam had wouldn’t budge as he wanted me to get up with him and stayed in his bed beside me for a couple of hours before doing his usual morning routine of jumping up with his front paws onto my side of the bed and putting his paw on me.


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