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It’s no secret that this depression has been dragging on for months, and if I’m honest probably years in various bouts.

Hence why at my latest appointment in the rotunda my psychiatrist suggested I try the drug lithium - a lot of people have since warned me off it as it requires regular blood tests, and has a long list of side effects. However it can be a game changer for some people.

I chose to try another drug before trying this but am going to read a book my doctor suggested called “an unquiet mind” which i believe is by a doctor who suffers with her mental health and takes lithium.

It’s hard to know because I see the doctor in the rotunda about once a month or once every 6 weeks and some days I speak to him I’m feeling bright and other days very low. Some days I wonder if I’m as happy as I’ll ever be… but my partner said if I think that I should go on the lithium as he has seen me so much happier so many times.

I wish I could be a bit more optimistic or have more positive news but unfortunately it’s a long road to recovery. That said the really bad days are getting a little less.


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