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I think it’s important to acknowledge that being on medication is ok and nothing to be ashamed of. If you had a physical illness or condition it would would be treated with medication.

Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance (I don’t know the exact science) and although it might take a while to get the right medication it can really help get you on the road to recovery.

I recently described medication and depression to my partner as follows… (and I may be right or wrong these are just my thoughts).. Depression is like trying to lose weight… it’s 10% gym and 90% diet… in the same way I feel that depression is 10% medication and 90% all the other things (CBT, exercise, distraction, journaling etc)

My medication

I had been on a low level of Prozac prior to having the baby but felt it was the right thing to do to come off it in case it could harm the baby. However this made me seep into a very low place so I went back on the medication and as I navigated even more lows it was increased to the highest dose.

I am now on a second medication alongside the Prozac which has definitely been of help in lifting my mood and also helping me sleep. Ultimately however I think I just need to be patient with myself and weather this storm with the hope that better days are coming.


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